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Hard Cider

I'm always up for trying new things, so when my husband came home with this cider, I couldn't wait to try it out.  "It's even gluten free," he said.  Not that I'm leaning towards gluten free foods, but I've been more curious about the effects of gluten thanks to a friend of mine.

I think the look of the bottle (a cool green, and a cute woodchuck) made it feel like a special drink.  It's funny how that works, and a good advertising ploy (kind of like when Snapple designed their bottles with cool sayings on them back in the 90's).

So yeah, the drink.
It's different and refreshingly light.  It has a sour apple taste to it, but I don't mind that every so often.  My husband didn't like it so much.  He's more of a dark beer drinker: Ales' IPA's or Double IPA's.  He said this cider made him feel like he was drinking apple cider vinegar.  As for me?  Well I totally disagree.  This is something I wouldn't mind buying again.


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