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The Omnivore's Dilemma

A few of my health conscious friends and I began a book club last week, which was given the name "The Good Life Book Club".  Many of us feel angered or frustrated at the low quality foods in the grocery stores.  In our area, really good fresh, organically grown produce can usually be found at our local farmer's market during the summer months.  Winters are always hard due to the reliance on what the stores provide.  We decided to form a group that could meet and discuss, not only our book, but the ways we could better ourselves and our families by eating better, exchanging ideas, and engaging our minds and digging deeper on subjects that many (including ourselves in normal day to day living) overlook. 
Our first book?  The Omnivore's Dilemma.  Although hasn't been an easy (or very exciting) read, I am learning quite a few things I didn't know.  Things about corn, how it reproduces, how the government allows chemicals into our food, how the American farmer feels trapped, and how what some may consider to be an organic product, can actually be a somewhat processed food in disguise.

Want to know how farmers feel about genetically modified food?  Check out this video.  Then head on over to Non-GMO Project for more info.