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Obesity and the American Way

Have you ever wondered why obesity has become such an epidemic?  
Here's a clue . . .

This alluring certificate was awarded to my daughter in May.  Of all the things offered on the McDonald's menu, why the fries?  Why not an ice cream cone or even a yogurt parfait?  Could the school not offer an educational or healthy award instead?  If not, I prefer none at all.  I have never been a fan of rewarding kids with food.  The BOOK IT! reading program has always frustrated me with it's monthly greasy Pizza Hut Personal Pizza award.  Bribery with food is never a good choice. 

It's not hard to put this all together here.  We have a problem in America with junk food, yet we continue to reward people, especially kids, with it.  Junk food is not a reward!  Our government is clearly aware of the problem, but they allow schools (which are government institutions) to hand out such awards.  If we are to solve the problem of obesity, we need to start with kids and teach them proper nutrition.  It gets me wondering about the government, health care, and pharmaceutical companies.  Is the government really wanting to combat obesity or reinforce it with these junk food awards to maintain job security for healthcare?


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