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Rawesome Shutdown

A friend passed an article on to me about a food coop in California called Rawesome that was shut down recently.  I read through it and searched some more to find out exactly what happened.  All reports appear to be the same.  Authorities raided their building dumping unpasteurized milk and seizing organic coconuts.  It's quite shocking to me.  Now I don't know this organization, so I'm not sure how they operate; however, I feel if people want the wonderful health benefits of unpasteurized dairy products, let them have it.  Isn't it our own choice as to what we put in our bodies?  Everyday millions of people slide through the drive thru at McDonald's or some other fast food place and consume unpleasant, harmful chemicals.  How can that be okay for one to choose - whether unwillingly or otherwise - to ingest fatty, fried foods, but not have a choice in the type of milk they drink?  I can't help but wonder if this has to do with something bigger, or if it could have been prevented if those involved had a permit.  It doesn't make sense to me.  Such harsh treatment for something as small as selling unpasteurized milk to willing consumers? 

Here are several websites that describe what went down.  



The Washington times

Food Renegade  - Videos included of the raid


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