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Strawberry Spinach Kefir Smoothie

I'm totally addicted to smoothies.  I have at least one and sometimes two everyday.  Because smoothies are so quick and easy to make, they are great for meals on the run and are excellent snacks for adults and kids.  You can pack a lot of nutrients into one glass.  The extra protein helps your body to feel fuller for longer.  No more sluggish mornings!

What you will need-
8 oz. Nonfat Lifeway Plain Kefir
1 scoop of NSI Whey Protein Powder - Vanilla (or any brand you like)
1 cup strawberries (about a handful)
Spinach (about a handful)

The only ingredients I actually measure are the kefir and the protein powder.  The rest can be added or taken away to suit your taste, but I think about one cup of each is good.
Pour the kefir in first, add protein powder, spinach, and top with strawberries.  Sometimes adding the heavier ingredients on top can help to weigh it all down so it will blend much better.

 It's so pretty!

This smoothie blended up nice and frothy.  I try to drink mine fairly quickly but still take time to enjoy it.  As it sits, it does thicken to a gel like consistency.  If that bothers you, try adding in some water while blending to make it thinner.
~Enjoy! <3


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