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Tropical Traditions

My Tropical Traditions order came in just the other day!  Yay!  It was like Christmas time here.  I was eating oatmeal at the time the Fed Ex man delivered, so I decided to rip into the shredded coconut and sprinkle some on top.  Oh it was soooo good!  Just the smell of coconut brings me a feeling of delight.  It reminds me of the tropics.

I couldn't resist opening the jar of honey either.  I immediately gobbed some on a spoon and scarfed it down.

No sulfites, organic, unsweetened, and from the Philippines.  What could be better than that?

That's not all!  Looky what I have!  This book is amazing so far.  It really makes me appreciate the Tropical Traditions company even more.  I never knew all the benefits of virgin coconut oil!  This company is brilliant.  I'm hooked on coconut and will continue to order these outstanding products from Tropical Traditions!

Make a purchase using the link below, and you'll get your very own Virgin Coconut Oil book for free!

2 jars - 32-oz. ea. - Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil - BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!


Lisa Lloyd said...

Andi, it all looks so yummy! I think I would like to order some of that shredded coconut,mmm!

Andi said...

Lisa keep a watch on their website or on their Facebook page because they offer specials all the time. You might even be able to win products through blog giveaways. Next I want to try their virgin coconut oil (especially since you mentioned how great the organic virgin kind is). I think the 16 oz. is buy 1 get 1 free until tomorrow.

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