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Coconut Lotion Bars and Choco-Mint Lip Balm

Now for sale: homemade lip balms and lotion bars. These are made with all natural ingredients. Check out my Etsy store to learn more or to make a purchase.  I'm really excited to be making these products.  This is just the start.  Keep watch because I'll be posting more items as I have them ready.  I'm still experimenting with different scents, oils, and butters.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please send them my way!

I truly believe that what we put on our skin (the body's largest organ) is just as important as what goes into our bodies.  Did you know that in 26 seconds any product you put on your skin is absorbed and can be found in your blood stream?  That's right.  This is why trans-dermal patches for birth control, pain, or nicotine work.  Do you really want to slather on chemicals you can't pronounce or icky dead animal fat all over your body? A graphic note:  (It's sad but true that, at animal rendering plants, dead animals are boiled, and the fat is skimmed off to add to beauty products along with chemicals to help prolong shelf life)

Did you also know that of the hundreds of chemicals that are banned in Europe in their beauty products, only 8 of them are banned in the US?  I no longer use the products at stores.  I've made the choice to only put good stuff on my skin.  Besides, making my own is so much fun!

You can learn more about why what you put on your skin matters here.


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